Switch it up to Viega PureFlow Press

You’ve come to claim your Viega PureFlow product rewards!
Please choose the redemption offer below that correlates with your purchase.

Redemption offer #1:
Purchase a minimum of $3,000 worth of large diameter Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing or PureFlow Press Fittings in sizes 1¼” to 2″ and receive a PureFlow Press jaw set – either 3 standard jaws (1¼”, 1½” and 2″) or 2 compact jaws (1¼” and 1½”).

Redemption offer #2:
Purchase a minimum of $500 on any PureFlow press-enabled power tool, of any brand, plus a
Viega PureFlow Press jaw set and receive fittings equal to the value of the cost of the tools and jaws.

Redemption offer #3:
Purchase a minimum of $500 of Viega PureFlow Press jaws and receive fittings equal to the value of the cost of the jaws.

Terms and conditions:

This promotion is for contractors, not wholesalers. The campaign applies to valid Viega products purchased between September 22, 2017 and January 31, 2018 within Viega LLC’s serviceable area from a qualified Viega distributor. The above reward is offered when campaign steps are completed fully as identified. Free fittings are valued at list price. Free fittings are predetermined based on customer purchase price and will range between ½" and 1" in size. No exchanges or adjustments will be allowed to the free package. Five (5) redemptions allowed per company, unless otherwise approved. If all components are not submitted, the reward will be disqualified. This is a limited time offer. All redemptions must be submitted in their entirety (redemption form and qualified invoice) before February 28, 2018 or they are no longer valid. Allow four-to-six weeks for delivery of your reward.

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